New Chicken with Banner 2

Hey Everyone,

Best Year Ever!  Again!  Thank you all for your continued support and patience.  We are constantly growing and facing new challenges.  Currently our biggest challenge is HIRING DELIVERY DRIVERS!  So click on the employment tab and fill out an online application RIGHT NOW.

The online ordering system is fully operational.  Finally!

We accept Cash and Credit.

Choose the “Pay Later” option.     (It’s the only option)

For Card orders we are using Square Card Readers.  We will swipe your card at your house!  Much safer!!!

For Cash orders we are taking American Dollars.  No Bit Coin.

For Beak ‘em Bucks orders you will need to enter your account number into the “Notes” text box on the checkout page.

This is pretty exciting news!!!  We’ve cut out several middle men and we can’t wait to make this website a vibrant community.  We’ll try to keep the live chat open as much as possible and we’ll put up a customer feedback area very soon.

And more pictures!  We are taking more pictures!  We hope to have the entire menu photographed by the end of summer.

Thanks again,