New Chicken with Banner 2

Hey Everyone,

I know it sucks, but we are closed.  We did really well for many years and I can’t believe it’s actually over.   Some of you have been eating my food for 8 years!  The first five years were all about growth.  We had double digit growth for 5 years!  Unfortunately, sales started a double digit decline 2 years ago and I’m back to sales levels that require so much of my personal effort to maintain profitability that just can’t keep working this hard for such little return.   I’m 43 years old, and as my friend John said, “Fred we’re no spring chickens anymore.”  Standing on my feet for 12 hours a day wasn’t a consideration when I was 35, but nowadays I just dread it.  For those of you who know me, I’m not a light fellow!   My personal opinion as to why sales took a drastic nose dive is… 3rd party delivery companies.  People always complimented me on the size and variety of the menu and they would always say they were glad they could get something delivered that wasn’t just pizza.  And now, if you go to, they do their own deliveries, and they have nearly every restaurant signed up.  I just can’t compete with that.  I had a few “10’s” on my menu, but I know, just as well as you do, that not everything on my menu is a perfect 10.  But now, everyone can get any “10” in town delivered for $1.99.  (Try putting that on – bring me a sandwich $1.99)… anyways…  There is one other consideration that must also be known.  The building I’m in will be demolished by summer 2018.  For those of you who know me, I’m not wealthy, and 50k to move is a little out of my budget.  Business loans may have been possible to finance a move, but given the saturated nature of the delivery service market and considering my declining sales, I decided it’s best to let it go while I still have some dignity.  It has become increasingly harder to motivate since I made the decision to close the restaurant and I don’t want another 5 months of knowing that my life has no point.  That sounds bad when i write it down, but I’ve always been able to motivate myself with future goals and during the last couple of months I have just not had any motivation.   So that’s it,  I’m on the job market. I will not be cooking anywhere else.  I’m done standing for a living.  That is a job best left to the young, nimble, and skinny!  I will probably get desk job…I’m pretty good with computers.  I can even make websites!  For years I have tossed around the idea of starting a non-proft.  I have a few ideas, but first I’m taking a well earned vacation.   When I get my stuff together, I’ll let you all in on my new cause.  Here’s to Fat Freddy’s NOT being my magnum opus…although I always thought it was.

To all the current and former employees out there.  Yes…your last paycheck will cash… had to get that out of the way…  There are a few of you out there that know what you meant to me and my business.  You know who you are, I love you.  To all the rest of you…clean something you lazy clouts!  I think that’s it.  “Peace and chicken grease”, (j. lugz.).


Thank you for your business and your friendship,

Fat Fred Tucker

(That’s the last time I let you call me fat)