Title Phone Personnel
Salary $7.25


Fat Freddy’s Pizza & Wings is hiring part-time customer services reps.

At Fat Freddy’s we sell much more than food. We sell FUN. We are looking for self-motivated, upbeat, individuals who like interacting with people.

Primary Duties:

Processing telephone, online, and walk-in orders
Operating a 6-line telephone system
Outlook Express Email (Internet orders)
Order entry using Vital Link POS
Operating cash register, credit card machine, and Beak ‘em Bucks machine.

Secondary Duties:

Light Cleaning (Dusting Counters or Cleaning Glass)
Folding Pizza Boxes
Refilling Pepsi Machine & Soda Cooler
Cutting Pizzas & Bagging Orders

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Title Delivery Driver
Salary $10 to $15 per hour


Fat Freddy’s Pizza & Wings is hiring Delivery Drivers for all shifts.

Part-time and full time.

Late nights. (10 pm-4 am )
Some dinner shifts available. (3 pm – 10 pm)
Lunch shifts available for Saturday and Sunday. (11 am – 6 pm)

All off times will vary due to business volume and clean up time.


Delivering Food
Answering Phones
Washing Dishes
Cutting Pizzas
Saucing Wings
Bagging Orders
Sweeping and Mopping
Folding Boxes
Stocking Soda Cooler
Portioning Sauce Cups
Rolling Dough Balls
and more…

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Title Damn Good Cook
Salary $7.25 to $9.00


Fat Freddy’s is staffing up for the fall semester and needs at least 3 (maybe 4) DAMN GOOD COOKS.

We need to cover 100-140 man hours per week beginning August 21.
These hours are YOURS for the taking, IF you are a DAMN GOOD COOK!

We have three kitchens. We call them The Front Kitchen, The Back Kitchen, and The Prep Room.

The Front Kitchen: The Pizza Cook makes all things baked (Pizzas, Pokey Stix, Pepperoni Rolls, etc.). The Pizza cook also watches the ovens, bags orders, and when necessary, bails out the Back Kitchen. On slow nights, the pizza cook is the primary order taker (phones and online). On busy nights, the pizza cook is the back-up order taker. On really busy nights, the pizza cook should not be answering phones.

The Back Kitchen: The Back Kitchen Cook works the fryers, griddle, and cold side. The Back Kitchen Cook also watches the ovens, bags orders, and when necessary bails out The Front Kitchen. On slow nights, The Back Kitchen Cook will back-up phones, work the 1st Prep List with the Prep Cook, and work the 2nd Prep List start to finish. On busy nights, The Back Kitchen Cook will rarely answer the phones or be able to work the 1st Prep List but is still responsible for the 2nd Prep List. On really busy nights, The Back Kitchen Cook will not answer phones or work a prep list.

The Prep Room: The Prep Cook makes dough, slices veggies, cooks & slices meats, breads appetizers, cooks sauces & pasta, washes dishes, sweeps, mops, and cleans the bathroom. The Prep Cook will occasionally transport groceries. On slow days, The Prep Cook is responsible for the 1st Prep List and may double as The Back Kitchen Cook. On very busy days, The Prep Cook will work the 1st and 2nd Prep List. On everyday — regardless of business volume, The Prep Cook finishes the 1st Prep list, backs up Phones, Front Kitchen, Back Kitchen, and sometimes DELIVERIES!

Please do not apply unless you have REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE in at least one of these kitchen types. Two out of three preferred. Three out of Three and you are a shoe-in.

Pay is commensurate with experience.

Management Opportunities

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