pizza man

We do what we do.


  • Homemade Wings Sauces (About a Dozen)
  • Homemade Dressings (Ranch & Blue Cheese)
  • Homemade Dough, Marinara, & Garlic Butter
  • Fresh Veggies Sliced Daily (Mushrooms…etc)
  • Meats cooked in house (Beef, Chicken, Sausage)
  • FRESH Chicken Wings (Never Frozen)
  • Slice and Marinate Fresh Boneless Wings Daily
  • All food is cooked to order when you order it


Why are we better than the other guy?


Quality.  Variety.  Dedication.  Innovation.


Quality:  Our Pizzas are topped with fresh produce sliced daily and high quality meats cooked in house. Our Traditional Bone-in wings are fresh, never frozen, deep fried and sauced with homemade sauces.  The Boneless “wings” are actually fresh chicken breast sliced daily and marinated for 24 hours (if we can keep up).  Our Chicken Tenders and Boneless wings are breaded to order.  There is not a “pizza place” in town that makes this kind of effort to bring you fresh high quality food.


Variety:  We have the largest delivery menu in town.  If you can’t find something you like then it is your duty to make a suggestion.  Many things have been added to the menu by customer request.  We have pizzas, wings, calzones, strombolis, subs, salads, pastas, hot dogs, breakfast, mexican, and homemade desserts too!


Dedication:  We are here for you.  Rain, Snow, Sleet, Sunshine.  We will deliver.  We are delivery!  We are open ’till 4am Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.  We do that for you, ’cause we know that’s what you want. Is Monday MLK Day?  Well, we’ll be open late on that Sunday too!


Innovation:  We are constantly re-inventing ourselves.  Our mission is to bring you what you want, when you want it.  Anyone can put pepperonis and cheese on a pizza, but who puts eggs, hash browns, and gravy on a pizza?  We do!  We call that pizza The Wake n Bake Breakfast Pie.


What’s Our Story?

Fat Freddy’s Pizza & Wings opened for business August 2010 after Gumby’s Pizza vacated the premises earlier that year in May.  Armed with the same phone number and a will to succeed, Fat Freddy himself answered nearly every phone call and made every single pizza for the first 17 days.  Then in mid August classes started and it was on like Donkey Kong!  The original concept was “Gumby’s with a fryer”.  Fat Freddy’s  was going fry chicken wings just like Mojo’s did back in the day.  No more frozen, pre-flavored, oven-baked wings like all the other pizza places.  Fat Freddy’s was going to do wings right.  And they did. With the addition of Quinn’s Crack Money Sauce  (our first customer created sauce) the wings went viral and Fat Freddy’s had finally found it’s own identity.    Six months into the operation Sandwiches and Salads made it onto the menu complimenting the already growing list of appetizers and curly fries.  As the months progressed into years, the menu grew to include Pastas, Breakfast, Mexican, and even Deep Fried Hot Dogs.   As the 3rd school year in Fat Freddy’s history winds down Fat Freddy’s is already gearing up for next fall.  Major kitchen renovations are planned for this summer.  Fat Freddy’s will be installing larger higher capacity fryers and even a flat top grill.  Soon, the menu possibilities will truly be endless.